70-inch XTS Five Door

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70-inch XTS Five Door

The Royale XTS-70/Five: added convenience

The new XTS-70 Five Door is one of the finest limousines ever created by Royale. Based on the technically innovative and impressively elegant Cadillac XTS and Royale’s own 70-inch stretch enhancement, the XTS-70/Five offers passengers in the sumptuous cabin the added convenience of a full-size fifth door for quick and easy entry and exit, in addition to all the amenities one would expect in a limousine of this stature. Simply put, the XTS-70/Five is designed and built by Royale’s experienced craftsmen and coachbuilders, electronics engineers, interior designers, upholsterers and woodworkers to meet and exceed the requirements of the world’s most discerning customers.

The Royale XTS-70/Five boasts a full range of Cadillac standard features including:

  • Cadillac XTS Coach Builder package
  • 3 year /150,000 mile Warranty
  • Powerful 3.6L V6 twin-cam
  • Adaptive suspension with magnetic ride control
  • OnStar™ turn-by-turn voice-activated navigation
  • Navigation system with voice activation
  • Rearview camera

Royale craftsmen add a new dimension of luxury and convenience options:

  • A full-size fifth door for easy curbside ingress / egress
  • Custom interior configurations
  • Sophisticated color pallets
  • Fine leather seating
  • Genuine wood trim
  • Audio and Video enhancements
  • Numerous power and convenience options
  • Crash tested CNG conversion

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