Hybrid L

September 14, 2009

A Purpose Built Hybrid Electric Livery Vehicle

Hybrid L Fusion Livery SedanHaverhill, Ma – Royale a Cabot Coach Builders Company has embarked on a mission to offer the most energy conscious and environmentally friendly extended body Hybrid Taxi and Hybrid Livery sedans. The Hybrid Electric Livery Vehicle™ (HELV) line was developed in conjunction with OEM’s and major suppliers to insure quality of construction, safety and product longevity.

Royale has developed a patent pending method of cutting a hybrid vehicle in half and stretching it to increase the rear legroom nearly 20% without compromising ride quality or adding significant weight. This process insures fuel efficiency while providing the additional rear legroom required by Corporate and Livery vehicles as well as additional room for partition installation required by Taxi and Police vehicles.

Super Ultra Low Emission vehicle capable of traveling up to 47 mph in pure electric mode, 41 mpg city, 36 mpg highway with low or no idle emissions.Bridging the gap between luxury transportation and affordable fuel efficiency the Hybrid L (L for extended length) by Royale is the most fuel efficient large size livery or taxi Hybrid sedan. By extending the chassis and rear doors as well as adding many luxury upgrades Royale has created the first purpose built HELV. The Hybrid L currently available in the Ford Fusion Hybrid offers nearly 95% of the rear leg and shoulder room of the Lincoln Town Car Executive L, while delivering a substantial improvement in fuel economy. The regenerative braking system keeps the battery charged to handle most city driving up to 47 mph. The accessory battery runs the amenities including the Air Conditioner reducing CO2 emissions and fuel use during idle or wait time. Add to that the estimated 41 mpg city and 36 mpg highway fuel economy and you have the most fuel efficient purpose built HELV or Hybrid Electric Taxi Vehicle™ on the market today.

Extended rear doors for easy entry and exit also creates generous rear passenger legroom (Only 2.7 inches less than the Town Car Executive L)The Police and Taxi version is roomy enough for the installation of a partition for driver safety, without sacrificing driver or passenger comfort and legroom. With a wider rear door and more rear legroom than the Ford Crown Vic there is no sacrificing room for Hybrid fuel economy. The rear doors are modified for Taxi use by blocking the partitions view from the outside while offering the client greater ease of entry and exit. The Hybrid L is also available for consumers and corporations that want additional passenger volume in a fuel efficient Hybrid sedan.

For more information about Royale visit or or call 978.374.4530 today to test drive a purpose built HELV the Hybrid L by Royale and take advantage of its earth friendly benefits as well as its economical savings.


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