Limited Inventory Left

July 11, 2011

Town Car Countdown

The final orders are in and the Town Car is officially done. The last Town Car will be built at Ford next month, August 2011. Don’t worry, Dealers and Coach Builders have ordered excess inventory to carry them over the seven months until the MKT takes its place in the spring of 2012.

Planning your fleet needs today is more important than ever particularly because the recent surge in activity suggests that the excess Town Car inventory will not last long. If you want a Town Car sedan or limousine then get one ordered today. Royale will hold your order until fall if you don’t want to take delivery now.

Another wrench in the works of your fleet planning is the new MKT limousine platform will be limited to two stretch sizes by Lincoln QVM; 80” and 120”. So if your fleet is comprised of 60”, 70” or 100” stretches then plan on jumping up in stretch size and paying extra for what you need. QVM is pretty adamant about limiting your stretch sizes so as of this date the 80” and 120” sizes are not negotiable.

As with every new product in every industry the MKT limousine manufacturing process will be a slow ramp up but in the end the MKT Limousine will be a winner and a refreshing change for the industry. The QVM people know what they are doing and have put forth a tireless effort to make this happen. The question is when will it happen and can your current fleet wait it out.


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